Counter arguments for hybrid cars

Its small gasoline engine is complemented by a powerful electric engine. Toyota makes their Highlander Hybrid SUV with a third seat, but it is a huge vehicle with relatively poor mileage for a hybrid.

Electric Vehicles would reduce total greenhouse gas emissions. But with a hybrid, you can see it, especially when you accelerate gradually enough so that only the electric engine is used.

Here it is, short and sweet. What has your experience been like? In this light, EVs are indeed expensive. While we would have been happy with 44 mpg, or even the EPA rating of 48 mpg in the city, we were astonished to regularly see our fuel efficiency in the mid 50s.

Smaller engines usually equal less horsepower and less torque. It is kind of like the snap you feel in your Counter arguments for hybrid cars when you operate a powerful electric hand tool.

The Prius is no hot rod, but, unlike a Ferrari, it actually comes with two engines. All three of these contentions independently link Electric Vehicles to being good.

Electric Cars Pros and Cons

A small benefit, but a benefit nonetheless that would be "good" for society as a whole. I now pass the debate over to Con. At the same time, we have no illusion that our Prius will always be perfectly reliable and maintenance free during the years we own it.

We credit efficient driving, aided by the Prius display, as the key to beating the EPA mileage estimates. Our Toyota Prius, like most hybrids, has a display that shows our present mileage as well as average miles per gallon. In California, the warranty ismiles. Long Refueling Time Concerns about range are closely tied with issues related to how long it takes to refuel an electric car.

Here is what we learned. Yet, the trend is to offer electric versions of existing attractive models, rather than electric-only models that can look overly futuristic to average buyers.

Few Third Row Hybrids We really wanted a larger vehicle with third row seating, but there is currently only one choice on the market. Toyota recently announced they are coming out with a larger version of the Prius, but they will not offer a third row of seating in the version they plan to export to the United States.

Nevertheless, our Outback was starting to get up there in miles and was generating repair bills that were uncharacteristic for a Subaru. It is in town where we see our mileage jump above 50 mpg. We carefully weighed the arguments for buying a new vs.

In summary I have given three independent contentions as to why Electric Cars are good. To sucessfully refute my argument my peer must negate all three premises individually as each one fits an accepted standard of "good" and thus if one is left unrefuted it will be given strength of weight and act as sufficient offense over any case my peer brings forth.

All cars get better mileage when you accelerate and brake gently. Hybrids Love the City Hybrids are unique in that their EPA mileage ratings are actually higher in the city than they are on the highway. The utility being higher effiency lower cost, lower maintenance, higher percentage of potential energy use.

It does not receive the fuel economy ratings of the Prius, and we were shocked to discover that its heat and air conditioning systems do not operate when the gasoline engine stops. Unfortunately, the style of some popular EVs is polarizing: Even on these "dirty" power grids, emission levels still would reduce overall though.

Also, since Electric cars are smaller, they typically are not as safe as some ICE cars. Hybrid Cars Show You How to Drive Efficiently Just like a Jeep is in its element when driven off-road, and a Ferrari likes to be driven like a race car, a hybrid desperately wants to be driven efficiently.

Home Recharging Imagine never going to a gas station again. It is amazing how often that happens in city driving. My peer may use whichever definition he wishes, but as no definition was supplied I am able to now use whichever definition I see as best-fitting the context of the debate at hand I think those definitions are reasonable.

It stands for the worry that occurs because most affordable electric cars only have about 80 to miles of range, and take hours to fully refuel.Hybrid Cars Show You How to Drive Efficiently Just like a Jeep is in its element when driven off-road, and a Ferrari likes to be driven like a race car, a hybrid desperately wants to be driven efficiently.

So it stands to reason we'll soon hear a flurry of arguments against electric cars.

Are electric cars good?

To address some of those eventual claims, we turn to Tim Urban. Are electric cars good? Add to My Favorites Report this Debate Share with My Friends.

It states, that "Generally speaking, the engine in a hybrid car is almost always smaller than the engine in a comparable non-hybrid car. Smaller engines usually equal less Pro's arguments were more thorough and better thought out. Report this Vote. Electric cars have drawbacks, but they The 4 Biggest Arguments Against Electric Cars -- and Why They're Completely Wrong which claims that EVs and hybrid vehicles wouldn't reduce America's.

Claims- types of arguments Claim: Hybrid cars are an effective strategy to fight pollution. Argument: Because cars are the largest source of private, as opposed to industry produced, air pollution switching to hybrid cars should have an impact on fighting pollution.

Hybrid Cars Pros and Cons – Benefits & Problems

Documents Similar To thesis statement and counter argument. Skip carousel. Electric Cars Pros and Cons. The 40 of or so plug-in electric vehicles on the market consist mostly of compact pure electric cars and midsize plug-in hybrid sedans.

The field is quickly expanding, with plug-in hybrid SUVs, a plug-in minivan and the Tesla Model X, an all-electric SUV. Several major automakers set aggressive goals of.

Counter arguments for hybrid cars
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