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Significant increase in compliance requirements Need to align systems across range of standalone businesses Implication for the HRIS Enforced selection of more localised Essay on human resource information systems which aims to address more direct organisational needs Upgrade required for existing Preceda system ManuOrg GovtOrg Knowledge Management and establishment of sustainability practices Change of government resulting in increased demands and complexity of role.

International Journal of Human Resource Management, 7 1: Ball reported similar results for small and medium sized enterprises in the UK and concluded that HR had missed the strategic opportunity provided by HRIS.

Need for a system consistent with the rest of the IT platform. The final section summarises the findings and provides recommendations for management.

However, despite this environment, recent changes around pay cycles generated significant resistance that was unanticipated by management signalling that changes to the HRIS that directly impact employees such as pay may require significant more attention to change management than TechCo has traditionally been used to.

Progressive changes and add-ons to the legacy system, has created for ManuOrg a HRIS that is complex and inconsistent. Methodology and Background The four case study organisations each volunteered to participate in this study which is funded by an Australian Research Council ARC Linkage grant.

Discussions about this challenge and concerns about the required change management process have been extensive and the wider acceptance of the system and its changes are seen to differ between those that are associated with the project, versus existing employees who are comfortable with the organisations current policy and procedures, or alternatively fearful of technology.

The Case Studies Each of the four case studies discussed in this paper have been allocated an assumed name. Staff training during the implementation of HRIS in the company The kharafa National Company had to train its staff on how to use the HRIS in order to make them friendly to it and ensure that their performance was affected.

Director of People and Culture, TechOrg. HRIS has enabled the company to automate most of its human resources data and this has made it able to serve all its employees from all the parts of the world without having to travel to the head office at the UAE.

The company operates globally with its head office in the UAE. The Social Shaping of Technology. Eventually, the staff was able to acclimatize with the use of HRIS in the company and accepted it.

However, with time the activities of the company expanded and the as it spread its business globally and the company ventured into more different sectors.

This was followed with training on how to update, remove and distribute data through the system among others. As the organisational structure is based more on projects and individuals rather than positions typical of most organisationsparticular reporting functionalities associated with HRIS may be deemed less germane or even superfluous for the organisation.

This was because most of the company employees were not conversant with information technology and they felt that HRIS could just make their working more difficult. Since then the organisation has undertaken a number of upgrades driven largely by organisational change which has required an expansion of the existing systems.

Efficiency and competence- introduction of HRIS ensures the HR departments are more effective and competent in their activities. Practical Human Resource Information Systems. The challenges for GovtOrg in managing change are centred on the need to re-focus expectations.

As a result of this process, the design, selection and use of HRIS are shown in this study to be subject to contestation as a range of meanings are attached to the technology that either undermine or highlight its perceived value and significance and which impact on the extent to which it is to be used in a strategic or more administrative fashion.

Underlying the three challenges is the issue of how various social groups, or key actors involved in the implementation and use of HRIS bring to bear their own interests and thus interpretations of the system and what it does.

This has resulted in significant challenges around the compatibility and integration of data. The use and impact of human resource information systems on human resource management professionals.

Consequently, staffs of Kharafi National were able to handle all the activities of the company manually Mohapatra, ManuOrg, acknowledges that the upgrade of the existing system, that has been in place for 21 years will generate significant change for the way that information is managed.

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) Essay

Similar levels of complexity are associated with the implementation of a new system at TechOrg. Integration with other departments- HRIS enables the HR department to connect with other departments of the organization and this makes the working easier.

Human Resource Information Systems

HR Metrics and Analytics:Introduction Human resource management information system (HRIS) refers to as software or a system that is used to handle human resource data in an organization.

It is also referred to as a human resource management system (HRMS) (Talwar, ).

HRIS connects the human resource management department and the information technology department in order to solve [ ]. Challenges Of Human Resource Information System Information Technology Essay.

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Human Resources Information System

Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can view samples of It is same as for the Human Resource Information System (HRIS). Human Resource. The Human Resource Information Systems Information Technology Essay.

The Human Resource Information Systems is introduced by presenting the various definitions, development, costs and benefits, as well as their functions and relationship with HRM.

Check Out Our Human Resource Information Systems Essay The use of human resource information systems has been introduced as an opportunity for human resource professionals to become strategic partners with the running management.

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Essay on human resource information systems
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