Examples caption writing activity

It helps to have them work of groups of two or three to collaborate on this. You know the basic steps involved in creating a quality caption for your yearbook readers. Be sure photographers are trained to get IDs and additional information as they take the pictures.

In the not-too-distant past, however, yearbook students became handy with grease pencils as they hand-cropped photo prints and mailed them to the publisher along with their hand-drawn layout designs.

I would ask students to go to the box and pull out five photos or so. Students enjoy this silly caption activity and the purpose is to get them acclimated to writing captions.

Write Captivating Captions

In order to mix things up a little bit, sometimes I brought in fun photos for examples caption writing activity practice. In a hands-on learning experience, preschool student Jillian Cook and Child Development Sophomore student Jane Smith explore the local fire engine.

Catching Up with Captions 20 minutes This lesson will focus on one text feature: I examples caption writing activity these photos to teach caption-writing. Then have them read the captions aloud to the class as they show the class the picture and do group critiques of the captions.

Start with the lead-in, move on to one present-tense sentence, and round it out with a few past-tense sentences. Notice that it took some time to write one full caption. For stand-alone feature photos, compose a headline to go with the caption.

I used photos I found online or cut out of magazines such as The National Enquirer and asked students to write captions about alien marriages and Big Foot Babies. You will probably not have names readily available for old file photos, so tell students they can invent them. Always include a photo credit.

Jill Hill and her Child Development students. It was a major growing year for me, though, and I learned a lot which I later applied to subsequent years of advising that same yearbook staff. So everyone needs to learn every skill, even if they only practice certain skills regularly. The reason for this is that the action in the photo has already become a thing of the past once your readers get their yearbook.

These are the photos that became our "archives" once we got them back. Now, we go to the serious part of learning. Some of it I threw away without remorse, but I kept a few other things in case we ever needed them or because I felt too guilty to throw away school history.Activity Write Captivating Captions It’s also a fun and easy way to get children excited about writing and to work on their use of descriptive words.

Here are some pictures to encourage the children to write a phrase/caption to describe the picture/5(10). I show my examples by projecting the images from the website on the board. We discuss and analyze each image by discussing the purpose and significance of including these images within the text.

Students enjoy this silly caption activity and the purpose is to get them acclimated to writing captions. Time for Kids Caption Activity killarney10mile.com "Caption It!" is a standards-based activity that features over 25 images for students to write captions.

Directions are included for both a creative writing exercise and an expository (journalism) writing exercise. Caption writing is a shorter writing exercise that still practices proper/5().

Students write a caption to go with an amusing or interesting photograph.

Captivating Captions

Objectives Students practice writing short, grammatically correct sentences. Keywords ESL, EFL, second language, caption, writing Materials Needed You can find many sites on the Internet that present archives of fun photos that might be used for this activity.

Pat Graff La Cueva High School Albuquerque, N.M. Purpose: Students will learn the basic principles of caption writing and write a few captions for assigned photographs, sharing their work.

Instruction: Teacher should go over these basic principles of caption writing, adding others as needed. Avoid stating the obvious.

Caption It! Caption Writing Creative and Expository Writing Activity Download
Examples caption writing activity
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