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Below these is the sub-tide zone, which is always underwater. It is rich in nutrients and oxygen and is home to a variety of organisms. In Latin, Fauna is derived from three different sources.

Oyster The oyster is a bivalve, a soft-bodied marine animal that is protected by two hard shells. Organisms in this zone are not well adapted to long periods of dryness or to extreme temperatures.

Flora in Latin means goddess of the flower.

Sea imposes many weather conditions on the earth such as hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones, tsunami, earthquake, volcano, etc. Scallops, oysters and clams are bivalves. Many snails live in the littoral zone. Similarly, the plants that have adapted to living underwater are treated as a unique form of flora.

Hermit crabs wear shells to protect their soft abdomens—which are asymmetrical and curved to fit the spiral shape of their shell. This further underlines the significance of flora and fauna to our day to day lives. In some types of anemones, the nematocysts inject poison—both to catch their prey and to protect the anemone from other predators.

Fortunately, more and more people know that we all depend on healthy oceans, and that the survival of ocean animals, including bat stars, is up to us. And then there were Fauns, which were known to be forest spirits. Also it is a storehouse of minerals. Also, humans benefit a lot from flora and fauna in regards to sources of food, medicine, and water.

These areas are very vulnerable to earthquakes especially if the epicenter is in the middle of the sea. Tread lightly as you explore tide pools to avoid crushing plants and animals, and never take creatures from their habitat.

Fauna of the Sea Essay Sample

For example, flora and fauna of Amazon attract numerous scientists and explorers. They also do not account for the microscopic organisms that abound in nature but cannot be seen by the human eye.

However, other kinds of flora take a lot more proactive approach to developing their own food. If man wants later generations to enjoy living on the planet, he should be responsible to protect it now.

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A narrow channel leads me to a ledge that sticks up out of the water. Also called the Lower Mid-littoral Zone.

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It harbors thousand of flora and fauna in warm shallow water in proximity to the equator. No matter where we go on the planet, there are stunning plants, flowers and animals that catch are attention.

Even in our religious Scriptures or epics, there is special mentioning of sea. Living creatures in the deep are affected by what we do at the surface.

Anemones and most jellyfish have tentacles with stinging cells. Nature provides what man needs and man should be responsible to take care of nature. So now it is not legal to kill whales above a certain limit.Fauna is all of the animal life of any particular region or time.

The corresponding term for plants is flora. Flora, fauna and other forms of life such as fungi are collectively referred to as biota. * Some vertebrates that returned to the marine environment have retained their ties to land, leaving the sea for reproduction (pinnipeds and sea turtles).

In this essay I will briefly explain Baxter’s anthropocentric Fauna Desert fauna include animals that remain hidden during daylight hours to control body temperature or to. Related Documents: The Sea Essay Nationalism on the High Seas Essay Honors Project Nationalism on the High Seas Tensions have been on the rise in the South China Sea since the colonial powers of Europe were claiming that territory as part of their massive colonial empires.

Order plagiarism free custom written essay All essays are written from scratch by professional writers according to your instructions and delivered to your email on time. Although plants do not live in the deep dark waters of the ocean, animals dwell everywhere in the sea.

Every year, the world's fishing fleets bring in millions of tons of. Fauna of the Sea Essay Sample. As you might guess from its name, the strawberry anemone is as bright as the sweet fruit and is speckled with white dots. All that qualifies me to write this article is the fact that I care deeply about marine life.

Parts of the North Sea near Denmark are trawled up to times a year! National Essay Contest.

Fauna of the sea essay
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