Fcat expository writing prompts

Word choice is adequate but may be limited, predictable, or occasionally vague. Limited or inappropriate word choice may obscure meaning. The paper exhibits some sense of completeness or wholeness.

Word choice is limited, inappropriate, or vague.

FCAT Writing Practice Prompts

Think about one subject that is your favorite to learn about in school. Be sure to use specific examples from the story to support your answer. Are you the oldest, middle, or youngest child in your family?

2012 FCAT Writing Prompts and Sample Essays

Write to tell what happened on your vacation from school. You have been selected to serve on the committee which will plan the orientation activities.

33 Expository Writing Prompts (1st, 2nd, & 3rd Grade)

You open the door and walk inside. Little, if any, development of support or an organizational pattern or both is apparent. Explain three ways Fcat expository writing prompts people can do nice things for one another. Now write to convince teachers whether students should have homework on the weekend.

Time Capsule Item Persuasive The principal of your school is thinking about whether to allow or not allow students to chew gum in school. Direct Writing Info Links! Think of how it looks, sounds, feels, and smells. Now write a story about the time your wishes came true.

Now write to convince the adult reader of your paper on whether to add an hour to the school day. Now write to convince the reader of your paper why this has been the most important invention in history. That student is you. Think about an activity you enjoy.

Now write to persuade your parents on why you should be allowed to get this wonderful pet. Think about one field trip you had away from school. Think about the special way you like to learn.

Released Writing Prompts for State Testing

Explain what you like most about summer vacation. Think about why it is important for teenagers to have chores. Think about why you think it is important to be a good reader.

Convince Friend to Stay in School Persuasive The school district requires that anyone who participates in an extra curricular activity in other words a school activity that takes place outside the regular school hours should not be allowed to participate unless they maintain a 2.

Some are prompts that students have already completed at school, and some will be new. Think about a time you did something special that you will always remember. Most of us have a special place we like to go. Keep in mind that all of these additional types of writing can always be classified as one the Four Main Genres Four Modes of Discourse.

Now tell about what happened the day you became only 12 inches tall. Write a letter to your teacher convincing him or her that students should or should not work in teams. Think about the time of year that you like best. Many people influence us.

Now write to explain why you like to learn this way.

2014 FCAT 0 Writing Prompts

Think about one field trip you had away from school. In other words, these released writing prompts from state writing assessments have more benefit than simply providing interesting topics to write about.

Many adolescents have difficulty making the move to high school. Now write to explain why it is special to you.

Some sample expository prompts to try… We all have a favorite time of year.Expository Writing Prompts for First, Second, and Third Graders — Learning how to write an expository paper is one of the most important skills that young students can develop from an early age.

Expository writing is a method of writing in which the author describes, informs, or explains a topic to the reader. FCAT Writing Anchor Sets Prior to each scoring session, a committee of Florida educators is convened to read student responses and select papers to represent the range of quality allowed within the established criteria for each score point on the rubric based on the approved calibration scoring guides.

Fcat expository writing prompts high school. The high thing you school to do is set off on the expository prompt. Fcat expository writing prompts highpromptschool >>>CLICK HERE. It’s from Florida’s fourth grade writing assessment, the FCAT.

It’s just four pages, but it contains many, many excellent narrative, expository, and persuasive writing prompts.

FCAT Writing Prompts; Expository: Most teenagers have chores. Think about why it is important for teenagers to have chores. TYPE PROMPT MAIN IDEA Expository Most of us like something found in nature. Think about something from nature that you like. Now write to explain why you like something from nature.

Like Something Found in Nature Expository Everyone has an activity they enjoy. Think about an activity you enjoy. Now write to explain why you enjoy the activity.

Remember, expository prompts explain. They do not tell a story! Some sample expository prompts to try We all have a favorite time of year. Think about one time of the year that is your favorite.

Write to explain why that one time of year is your favorite. Most of us have a special place we like to go. Think about a special place where you like to go.

Fcat expository writing prompts
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