Group dynamics reflection essay

Relatedness Relatedness occurred when we listened to the needs of one another. That is exactly what happened. Our Best Features While many might argue that working in a group with friends is not the best choice, I declare that it was the best decision for this project.

As someone who fears group work because of group grading and personality conflicts, I knew I wanted to operate in a unit of comfort and trust. Leadership Leadership occurred when we listened for that which others needed in order to move forward. Having many idea generation meetings after meeting with the professor, we were able to think in different perspectives and select our final topic: Group dynamics can strongly influence how the team reacts, behaves or performs, and the effects are often very complex.

Rather than coming down hard on me or judging me, Kate and Erin communicated to me that they were there Group dynamics reflection essay me and understood why I was behaving that way that day. I was so distracted by what was going on outside of the group that I could not contribute fully as I normally would.

Kate was exceptional at preparing the actual presentation. With each of us having separate leadership qualities we were able to push and support one another and shine in different areas.

In past group work of my own I have seen for the most part that one person acts as a leader for the entirety of the project. Leadership and Relatedness Flourish When our class was assigned the marketing research project, we were advised to get into groups of people with different backgrounds, in terms of education i.

Being friends who have worked in groups with one another before, we knew the personalities and academic behaviors we would be dealing with when we formed our group.

Keeping together is a progress. She was also reminding us of important dates and providing us with somewhat of an agenda at the beginning of each meeting.

Erin was outstanding in keeping the group organized around a time-managed-schedule. Her outgoing personality allowed her to communicate her creativity to us.

We had all been in prior groups together and were more than just friendly acquaintances. When it came time to narrow what we had obtained, I was able to cut out what I thought was irrelevant for Karyn.

Kate Stadum, Erin Kyllonen, and myself Shelby Lentsch were students with retail merchandising backgrounds. What was different and rather compelling about our groups was that we were all leaders individually. Time--as it relates to the linen process.

In groups where members are not familiar with one another, I would not have gotten the same level of empathy and support. Each one of us, at some point, discovered our own capacity for leadership.

Group Dynamics: Reflection

Watching the majority of students around me form groups with others they did not know, I thought it would be much better if I were in a group with people whom I knew and trusted. Due to the fact that we all were in the retail merchandising program, it was extremely difficult for us to think outside of the box and our comfort zone.

This is exactly what happened.Reflective Group Dynamics Essay - Each individual is categorized into a group from the day they were conceived. and (d) Group Work Approach. This paper will conclude by my “Personal Reflection on Group Dynamics”. Model of Group Work Practice As mentioned in our group report, Girls United is a group work practice that combines.

Group Dynamics: Reflection Kate Stadum. Erin Kyllonen. Shelby Lentsch (author) In past group work of my own I have seen (for the most part) that one person acts as a leader for the entirety of the project.

What was different and rather compelling about our groups was that we were all leaders individually. Erin was outstanding in keeping the. Tie your group critical reflections to the academic literature that you have encountered throughout this comment upon the team dynamics, communication style, as wellas suggest possible Another benefit to reflection is.

Page1 Kevin Conrad Reflection Paper MGMT Group Dynamics 7 December, Over the course of the semester, I encountered several group assignments. Reflection on My Learning in Groups and Teams. Uploaded by Jonathan H West. Related Interests. Power (Social And Political) it is important to understand many factors that affect the dynamics of group and team life.

While studying the various aspects and elements of the dynamics of groups and teams in Learning in Groups and Teams, it 5/5(32).

Keywords: teamwork reflection, reflection on teamwork. This essay will critically reflect on the process of teamwork, change management and leadership; all issues pertinent to the role of the SCPHN. Group Dynamics and Action Research, which combine to create a robust model (Burnes, b; Darwin et al, ) and involves.

Group dynamics reflection essay
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