How to use sources to write a research paper

Council of Biology Editors, If your search words are too narrow, you will not find many sources; on the other hand if they are too broad, you will not find the search useful either. You can research from home if you have internet search capabilities, or you usually can research from the library.

Internet Resources The Internet provides access to a lot of information. If you know which books you want, or know a specific author who has written books about the field that you are researching, then go ahead and use the title or author categories in the computer. Use a full independent clause of your own to introduce the source material: This metaphor also helps answer the obvious question, "Why would anyone paraphrase instead of quote?

For books, write down the author, title, publisher, place, and date of publication. Check out the Content and Evaluation and Sources and Data sections.

The Internet also provides access to a few full-text electronic journals which means that you can read and print the article right from the screen. Specialized encyclopedias and dictionaries provide background in specific fields e.

Academic journals — These journals are a great way to find cutting edge research on your topic. Private citizens on the Internet General topic 2. The computer in the library usually will have instructions attached to it.

Finding Sources

Is the book or article biased in a particular way? Just note that these subject headings relate to books only. The authors claim that square brackets are often "use[d]. These points will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your paraphrases: One good source to help you determine the credibility of online information is available from UCLA: Whatever reason you have for needing to summarize, the guidelines below will help you: As you find books on your topic listed in the computer, you can then track those books down on the shelf.

Further Information Many handbooks of writing provide extensive advice on documentation, including: You should take notes on ideas and concepts that you think are important to include in your paper. A book can have a great title, but no information.

Research Help

Some professors will ask you to collaborate with other students on an assignment. Documentation Any time that you use information that is not what is considered "common knowledge," you must acknowledge your source.

A bound, printed abstract takes two steps to use. Websites — Websites are sources you should approach with caution. The full or partial citation might be provided in parenthesis at the end of the borrowed material, or it might be provided in a numbered footnote or endnote, but it must be provided.

The introduction functions like a little map of the paper that shows where it will end up, how it will proceed, and what it will pass on the way. Like a translation from one language to another, a paraphrase remains close to the original but uses totally different words.

Some, though not all, of these sources are now in electronic format, and may be accessible outside of the library using a computer. Sometimes, though, you will really only need to refer to parts of a long paragraph. Ask your reference librarian to see exactly what is available.

They help people with a lot of things shopping, searching for flights, comparing restaurants. Starting your research early will assure that you have time to get the sources that you want to consult. Reference librarians, Burke Libraryor email askus hamilton. Google Scholar displays how many times an academic piece of literature was cited, which is a rough numerical indicator of how influential the research was.

For footnotes, the citation follows the period, e. You do need to cite a fact that is not common knowledge, e. Censorship on the Internet More focused topic 3 i. You must be very careful to record the page number that this information is from, because you will need to include it in your paper.

However, when you are summarize or paraphrase, you record ideas as opposed to exact language; the language is yours. Whatever portable plurality she found, she organized into neat lines, according to their size, shape, or gradations of color.

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– How to Write a Research Paper: Read Your Sources and Take Notes. Homework Center – Writing Skills. Research Papers. Establish your topic. Use footnotes or endnotes to document sources.

Write a bibliography. Revise the first draft. Proofread the final draft. Back from the library and ready to go Read Your Sources and Take Notes. Using sources to support your ideas is one characteristic of the research paper that sets it apart from personal and creative writing. Sources come in many forms, such as magazine and journal articles, books, newspapers, videos, films, computer discussion groups, surveys, or interviews.

The purpose of this guide is to provide advice on how to develop and organize a research paper in the social sciences.

especially if it is accompanied by an explanation about the selection and use of the sources. The description of the project's methodology complements a list of sources in that it sets forth the organization and.

Another reason why Wikipedia should not be cited in an academic research paper is that it aims to be like an encyclopedia–a source of reference information, not scholarly research or primary or secondary sources.

Finding Credible Sources Online. The dreaded research paper can leave many wondering where to go for information. With the Internet being so accessible, it might be tempting to type words into Google and use whatever comes up first.

How to use sources to write a research paper
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