Implementation strategy for panera bread

The linkages between these four perspectives are as follows: The company wishes to attain differentiation through leadership in quality management through its fresh baked products. Since the company has franchise operated cafes, despite standard operating procedures for these franchises, there is a greater need to focus on motivating customer service associates at these franchises.

Since the company is aggressively expanding its operations across United States of America and Canada, there will be a requirement of staffing more skilled employees and less unskilled employees due to automation of certain systems.

This will lead to higher motivation of these employees to deliver the best of the customer services.

This means that there is a need to increase employee motivation and develop a positive attitude towards the company. Similarly, HR policies of the company needs improvement so that the customer service executives are not only well trained but also delighted themselves due to job satisfaction relating to compensation and work life balance which is relatively lower Glassdoor, Fresh dough facilities will act as company in its supply chain and will have closer relationships with its customer SBUs - company owned bakery cafes and franchise bakery cafes.

Although the company has defied the tradition of selling microwaveable products through offering freshly baked products at its bakery cafes, the number of fresh dough facilities are only 23 as of and need to be expanded to reach in those areas where the trucks have to deliver for miles.

The data from glassdoor. Further, there is a need to identify the areas where skill development is required such as customer service, supply chain, processing of fresh dough etc.

This needs an improvement of internal business processes of the company. The reduction in costs can serve the improvement of margins but it should not lead to deterioration on quality of products and services offered to customer as the latter is the long-term revenue source for the company.

Solution Summary The solution provides guidance on conducting strategic analysis of Panera Bread Company case. But still there is a need to Ronald Shaich has driven the company as a CEO with his strong vision and commitment to providing quality products to the consumers.

The company further needs to strengthen its competitive intelligence systems to monitor and track the steps taken by competitor restaurants and cafes. The researches have already shown that consumers have stronger quality value perceptions about the food served at Panera Bread as healthiest.

Although the company provides online training and has HR system linking the compensation in the form of bonus to cash flow from bakery cafes, still there is a need to strengthen HR systems where the employees are motivated to perform.

Customer would like to have a fresh and healthy breakfast with wider product variety and a good ambience and will like to pay a slightly higher price for healthier options. Panera Bread has good employee relations as per the facts of the case. The company aims at maintaining its market leadership position in fast casual dining category and attain a stronger brand trust by offering its customers value for money.

Can the current or revised objectives be met through more careful implementation of those strategies presently in use for example, fine tuning the strategies?

These objectives can be met through more careful implementation of these strategies. This is also supported the employee rating on glassdoor with an average rating of the company on culture as 3.Solution Preview.

Guidance on Panera Bread Company Case. Strategic Alternatives and Recommended Strategy 1. Can the current or revised objectives be met through more careful implementation of those strategies presently in. Panera Bread Company Submitted to Dr.

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Functional Area Strategies iii. Assessment of Panera Bread Company‟s Strategic Performance implementation step is to distribute coded coupons with a two-week expiration period, and an. 1 Running Head: Panera Bread Strategic Planning Panera Bread Company Strategic Planning, Goals and Implementation By: School: Course: Date: PANERA BREAD COMPANY View the Answer 2 Running Head: Panera Bread Strategic Planning Introduction: Panera Bread Company is a bakery- cafe restaurant situated in United.

Strategic Analysis of Panera Bread Company

Panera Bread- Strategic Mngt. a new training program for employees, implementation of an empowerment program for employees, strengthened supply chain, expedited globalization strategy. Potential Revenue Panera Bread must use a backwards integration strategy in this area.

Panera Bread must invest in the all-natural antibiotic. The confusion is a problem for Panera Bread Co., which has seen its sales growth slow as customers go elsewhere.

Last year, sales at established locations rose percent, compared with a PANERA BREAD COMPANY RESTATED COMPENSATION AND MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE CHARTER PURPOSE The Compensation and Management Development Committee (the “Committee”) is responsible implementation of management development plans and succession planning practices to ensure.

Implementation strategy for panera bread
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