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Fundamental overhaul, though, has its advocates. Themes of self-government, program funding, regional and local control of education, and recognition of Aboriginal and treaty rights dominate.

As citizens of Canada, Indian people had access to the same services as other Canadians, but they also had treaty rights and legislative privileges, including certain tax exemptions.

Repeal of the Act would not alter the Constitution: Whenever provincial assumption of some program is suggested, First Nation opposition is vehement; special federal status is not to be tampered with. As with most social issues, simple remedies do not exist.

And the Indian Act remains the law of the land in He lives in Ottawa. Certainly it is easier for both governments and opposition to deal with issues as they arise than to take on sweeping change.

InMikisew Cree extended the Haida doctrine to the treaty areas of other provinces. There is no call for repeal from First Nations or their organizations, which may account for the lack of political appetite for change, even with a plan.

Tenure was two years. Though no political party claims to like it, none has made an urgent matter of its abolition. Consultation respecting lands and resources, and issues of title now dominate the landscape. What came to be famously known as Bill C retroactively restored thousands of women to the rolls.

The more interesting question is, to what extent does the Act of today resemble that of the implication of critics being that there has been little if any change since ?

Education and health would become provincial responsibilities, though funds were promised to ease the way. Thus began the modern era of First Nation — government relations. Broad consultation on revising the Act occupied the mids without either First Nations consensus or government agreement.

What would be the effect of simple repeal, with no replacement legislation — which is what seems to be glibly suggested by some calls for abolition? It should only be reviewed when treaty rights issues are settled and if there is a consensus among Aboriginal peoples on such changes regarding their historical and legal rights.

Similarly, with reserves abolished by repeal of the Act, the legal morass would employ platoons of lawyers and judges for decades. Whatever its limitations, the Indian Act is hardly that of Ina complete redrafting of the Indian Act was undertaken, the Act fully repealed and replaced by a statute thoroughly modernized by the standards of the day.

There was an escape hatch:How Did Indian Act Shape the Canada We Know Today?

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(Essay Sample) How the Indian Act Shape the Canada Today The Indian Act passed by the Federal Parliament inhas shaped Canada today because of the several amendments, and changes that the Act was subjected to, since its inception. Jun 13,  · Introduction paragraph with a thesis for indian act essay? The question asked is Inthe canadian government introduced the Indian Act.

Explain what the Indian Act was, why it was implemented, and the impacts it had on aboriginal people in western Canada, including the use of residential schools Essay help? I need a thesis Status: Resolved. Essay on Canadian Indian Act.

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Essay Preview. The first Canadian Indian Act was issued in Though it has been revised numerous times, this hundred and thirty year old legislation has been left virtually Need Writing Help?

Essay on Canadian Indian Act - The first Canadian Indian Act was issued in Though it has been revised numerous times, this hundred and thirty year old legislation has been left virtually unchanged.

The Indian Act: Can it be abolished?

Indian Act is one of an important act which occurred in and it led to establishment of Indian residential school, and the Indian residential school is a tragedy event that happened. The Indian Act and its Effect on Modern Society The Indian Act is one of the most outdated and irrelevant pieces of legislature ever written.

Inthe Crown consolidated all existing laws pertaining to Indians, and called this new document the Indian Act.

Indian act 1876 essay help
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