Lab report physical and chemical changes

It particularly focuses on types of matter, physical properties, phase changes, and factors that affect physical properties.

In the previous two lessons Chemical Reactions Un-Notes and Chemical Physical Group Challengestudents have been developing an understanding of the difference between a chemical and physical reaction. Pour the filtrate into the labeled waste container.

Physical and Chemical Changes Chemistry Lab Report

Shake it to dissolve the sugar. The ink will then turned to vapor and condense on the cooler fabric or object.

Chemical and Physical Changes Lab Stations

Also, if the water is allowed to evaporate, the NaHCO3 powder will return to the way it was before it was dissolved.

However, we want to weigh the Epsom salts first. If you take the samples out into the sunshine, that will speed up the process of turning AgCl into silver metal see below. Do that several times until the eye feels fine. Sodium Polyacrylate and Water Technique: Test it for magnetism. Macroscopic patterns are related to the nature of microscopic and atomic-level structure.

A carbonate mineral has the carbonate ion in it. Finally, a lab performance assessment is used via laserdisc, in which students observe a new experiment, make observations, write and defend their conclusions.

My students have already worked through the Skill CH. Then, place this mixture in a clean mL beaker.

These are known to produce high quality prints.

Lab Report: Physical and Chemical Changes Essay Sample

What heat source did you use alcohol burner or candle? Do not waste time measuring the exact amount--do not double or triple the amounts, either--a close estimate is good enough.

So silver nitrate is often used to measure the concentration of salt sodium chloride in water samples. Also, add 10 drops to the original Magnesium. Did you see bubbles in the sodium carbonate solution after you added 0.

Test any gas produced with a glowing splint. Before completing the procedure, identify 2 physical and 2 chemical properties noted in the property description page. Lab 4 Experiment 6 optional: Prepare a filtration setup, filter, and record your observations.

However, a chemical change includes the change in the composition of the substance. Was sodium carbonate Na2CO3 soluble in water? Catheters coated with a silver alloy claim to reduce urinary infections.

The test tube is then placed in the test tube rack and a thermometer is inserted into the solution to measure its temperature. Measure one scoop of citric acid and one scoop of baking soda into a Ziploc bag, and observe any reactions.

Remember, your kit has a magnifying lens that you can use to see if bubbles are present. Silver nitrate preparations are now commonly called caustic pencils because of the pencil shape it has or caustic stick because sometimes the silver nitrate is placed on the end of a stick.

Examine each sample with a magnifying glass and magnet and record your observations in the data table. Do not rotate until indicated by the teacher. However, you can still try to use the silver nitrate solution in the kit to make fingerprints visible by reacting with the chloride in the salt NaCl that is in the fingerprint.

In my classroom, students frequently self-assess their level of understanding on each skill in the unit as we go.

The clear test tube was silver nitrate mixed with fluoride ions.Lab 4: Chemical and Physical Changes Humans having a desire to classify things so they are more understandable. The Periodic Table of the Elements grouped elements according to their increasing mass (a physical property) and by columns (similar chemical properties).

Chemical Equilibrium Lab Report Aim: The aim of the lab “Chemical Equilibrium” is to observe the effects of changes in concentrations of products and reactants on the position of the equilibrium of given chemical reactions.

A chemical change involves a chemical reaction, for example, precipitation, fire, or light is present, where as a physical change can involve a change in state, or something dissolving, but does not involve a change in the substance.

The main objective of this experiment is to differentiate between a physical change and a chemical change. A physical change includes a change in the material without affecting its composition, such as the physical state change.

Lab Report: Physical and Chemical Changes Essay by thebeckita, High School, 11th grade, January download word file, 2 pages download word file, /5(9).

Chemical and Physical Changes Lab In this activity (third in a series), students develop observation- and peer argumentation mix chemicals without any preconceptions of what may occur. This approximates the discovery process that Mendeleev and his precursors experienced discovering properties of the sixty-some .

Lab report physical and chemical changes
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