Marketing audit subway

An upscale traditional fast-food restaurant along with some untraditional outlets such as airports and colleges in high density population areas. Place Are we getting our marketing communications right?

Is our marketing planning information current and accurate? Levels of regulation such as quotas or tariffs. Economic indicators such as inflation levels, interest rates, exchange rates and unemployment.

Marketing Audit Subway Essay Sample

The marketing audit is generally conducted by a third person, not a member of an organization. Retrieved February 1, from Data MonitorJanuary It may suggest the upgrading of older franchises would prevent erosion of current customer base.

Wrap your business …around our brand. Retrieved February 5,from http: Retrieved February 7, from, http: What is the cultural nature of the environment s? Total market saturation has obviously not been reached.

How efficient is our marketing team? Their needs and how we satisfy them. Their buyer decision process and consumer behaviour. A recent Wall Street Journal article emphasizes the need for increased fiber in the American diet to protect against the increasing rate of diverticulitis and heart disease.

They have moved into offering sandwiches in vending machines. Not a strong player in the healthy fast food marketing at this time. Organic Food Act inconsumers will only continue to become more educated about sanitation, food additives, and health issues related to sandwich meats, breads and produce.

The relative strengths and weaknesses of competition. Taxation policy in the target market. People How effective are our customer facing processes?

Marketing Audit

The Jared promotions continue to bring new customers in looking for a healthier alternative. Are our marketing team implementing the marketing plan effectively? Changes to our bread formulations may need to be considered to address this concern. Their perception of our brand, and loyalty to it.

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Subway's Clean Slate: Eating Even Fresher and Using a New Logo

Grilled chicken Caesar club. What is the state of our marketing planning process? Are we achieving our marketing budget?Aug 05,  · Subway said it was "a cross-functional project led by our creative team, working with a variety of design partners." Subway's move is in line with other restaurant chains that are embracing more.

In this marketing plan I am going to discuss and explain what are the SUBWAY existing strengths, weaknesses,opportunities, threats,their marketing strategies, marketing mix, branding strategies and their recent and future changes which are effect their marketing success as a company.

Marketing Audit Subway Essay Sample. Subway Restaurants is the leading submarine sandwich franchise in the United States and the world with 20, restaurants worldwide located in 72 countries.

The marketing audit is a fundamental part of the marketing planning process. It is conducted not only at the beginning of the process, but also at a series of points during the implementation of the plan. The marketing audit considers both internal and external influences on marketing planning, as well as a review of the plan itself.

The audit should be Independent; the marketing audit can be conducted in six ways: self-audit, audit from across, audit from above, company auditing office, company task-force audit, and outsider best audit is the outsider audit; wherein the auditor is the external party to an organization who works independently and is not partial to.

First I use small marketing environment audit using SWOT analysis, P.E.S.T analysis and five forces analysis to discuss SUBWAY marketing environment. Then I will discuss subway marketing strategies using Ansoff metrics and Porter‘ s generic strategies while considering their marketing mix and finally will go for recent and future changes/5(26).

Marketing audit subway
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