Questionnaire for sakthi masala

Keep the pieces in a serving tray. Fry 1 cup chopped small onion, 2 red chilli pieces, sliced coconut pieces in gingelly oil till golden brown in a kadai. Now the tasty Tomato Rice is ready to serve. Now the tasty Bitter Gourd Thokku rice is ready to serve.

Saute the contents with gm Biriyani rice, and add 1 Lit water till 3 whistle. Garnish with chopped coriander leaves and down the vessel.

Add required quantity of Sakthi Puliyotharai Rice Paste to the cooked rice and mix well by using clean and dry spoon.

Now, hot and tasty Sakthi Biriyani is ready. Now the tasty Vathal Kulambu Rice is ready to serve. Fry 1 Red Chilli piece, Curry leaves in Gingelly oil in a cooker.

Saute the contents with little coconut paste and water till 3 whistle.

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Fry two big chopped onion in oil till golden brown in a cooker. Paste the chicken pieces with ghee or edible oil and cook for further minutes.

Squeeze a lemon and sprinkle Sakthi Chat Masala over the pieces. Serve with onion rings, lemon wedges and green chutney. Cook the required quantity of rice in the usual method. Recipe for the month. Now the tasty Brinjal Thokku Rice is ready to serve. Serve with Onion Raidha.

Leave the contents till semi gravy. Now Tasty Country Chicken Gravy is ready to serve. Cut a dressed Chicken of about 1 kg.

Sakthi Curry Powder

Fry two chopped green chillies, curry leaves in kadai and add the contents of the cooker and fry in high flame for a few minutes till semi dry.A Study on Consumer Satisfaction of Aachi Masala Products in Dharmapuri District 5 COMPETITOR Competitors means who are produce the same types of masala products other than the Aachi masala.

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Sakthi Tandoori Chicken Masala, 2tbsp. lemon juice and salt to taste for 2 hours. Keep the marinated chicken pieces on a pre heated (°C) grill and cook for minutes or in a moderately hot tandoor oven for minutes until the chicken are cooked light brown.

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Questionnaire for sakthi masala
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