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Ironically for Silas, his enemy is his best friend, William Dane. Rather than just saying the right thing this time, he acted upon it by deciding not to tell Eppie that the innocent childhood pictures of her mother were false and that her mother was a hideous drug-addict.

If the metaphysical implications of Silas Marner go beyond the realm of earthly reality, the primary moral intent of the author is firmly grounded in human relationships. It focuses on the duty of a parent, which was very important at that time.

And true, there are many fairy-tale elements in the novel, but this is no reason to condemn it as lacking depth. Furthermore, Eliot wrote about the Romantics and religious people that believe all is natural is good and defying God is blasphemous; if someone creates a new crop then it is against nature and is imitating God and therefore sacrilegious.

Eliot is an Omniscient Narrator. The entire section is 1, words. He is a man with no known past and thus a man who cannot be trusted. Thus, in both stories, the power of human affection, especially as shown by the women of the novel, heals psychic wounds, restores humanity, and, insofar as it can, atones for wrongdoing.

Silas is all good. Let us see how each develops. Eliot is saying that life is not always fair but parenting is nonetheless an important job. Godfrey suffers the pangs of conscience while maintaining an outwardly cheerful, gregarious disposition.

Each group has its qualities; each has its weaknesses. As the ironic consequence of denying his wife and child, Godfrey remains childless, since he and Nancy apparently cannot have children, whereas Silas, the lonely bachelor, receives Eppie into his life as a daughter.

Eliot uses her powers as an Omniscient Narrator to remind the reader that he is making bad decisions.

Silas Marner Critical Essays

Nancy, the woman that Godfrey has been trying to impress throughout the novel, weds Godfrey and they try for children multiple times. It is obviously a strong feeling of regret that he feels because there is enough of it to conflict with joy and Eliot deliberately placed regret first in the list of the two feeling he felt to show that that is what he felt first and foremost.

Either way, Godfrey quickly asked if Silas would take Hephzibah to the parish or the workhouse. Godfrey knew that if he could find a way for her to become a worker in a workhouse, he could cease his duties over her not that he did them anywayhe would never see her again but she would die a ghastly death.

Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this page Silas Marner study guide and get instant access to the following: Silas suffers unjustly but magnifies his misery by becoming a virtual hermit. The term comes from the word omniscience meaning infinite knowledge, which comes from Medieval Latin, omniscienta, from omni- all and -scienta knowledgefrom which we get the word science.

He was still not a good parent, he just pretended to be. Unlike most of her novels, however, Silas Marner is very short, with an almost geometrically formal structure, and its plot relies upon some rather improbable incidents.

The old-fashioned rural setting is important as a frame; its cultural remoteness from the world of the reader gives it the archaic simplicity and uncontested credibility of a fable or fairy tale. This was very selfish, which is not what a good parent who adheres to their duty is.

Review of Silas Marner

The conditions were deliberately made to be extremely harsh so that idle poor people would not rely on them; the working hours were long, at about 10 per day. He was engaged to be married, active in the little church in his village of Lantern Yard, and on good terms with the inhabitants of the village.

He has a path that the local citizens expect him to follow. One must beware of condemning Godfrey, however, because the author herself does not.

Godfrey Cass is a bad parent thus he loses his only child, a daughter called Hephzibah or Eppieto a lower-class citizen, for example. As is the case in her other novels, the bonds of love, sympathy, and fellow feeling are the highest good that one can truly know.

Silas Marner

At the beginning of the novel, Godfrey is given the benefit of the doubt because of his known ancestry. Dane is cruel and, as far as the story studies the matter, fully without repentance. He has yet to establish any worth other than his inheritance. Ergo, when things are left to chance, regardless of how well things are to begin with, unfavourable things will result.

It was from this point that things began to look up for Silas Marner.

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For example, towards the end of the novel, two of the characters marry and the weather is sunny because the occasion is happy. Evidently, he was still prepared to see her go there.

The workhouses were places where very poor people could work in exchange for free food and accommodation. Like her other novels, too, the work is meticulously realistic in many aspects of its dialogue, description, and characterization.- Silas Marner Silas Marner: The Weaver of Raveloe In the manuscript, the title read: ‘Silas Marner:/The Weaver of Raveloe/A Story/ by/George Eliot’.

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Silas Marner Critique

Silas Marner Critique Essays, Silas Marner Critique PAPERS, Courseworks, Silas Marner Critique Term Papers, Silas Marner Critique Research Papers and unique Silas Marner Critique papers from Silas Marner is a 19th century novel written by a Victorian writer who went by the name of George Elliot (who's real name is Mary Ann Evans).

Silas Marner Essay “At the end of Silas Marner, there is a feeling that justice has been done, that the badhave been punished and the good rewarded.” In the novel Silas Marner, numerous actions take place resulting in different consequences.

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Silas marner critique essay
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