Summary of b wordsworth by v s naipaul

Wordsworth when he narrator was a little boy. He lives in Alberto Street in a one-room hut. Heartbroken, the boy goes up to him. The boy keeps his promise. After one week, while the boy is returning from school, they run into each other.

Then the kid leaves. He also expects to meet new poets. The boy, quizzical about the peculiar man, asks various questions. The man again says that he wants to see the bees.

Wordsworth says that everything he has ever told the boy about himself was a lie. He then says that he can watch a flower like the morning glory and cry.

His mother beats him badly that day. Wordsworth pulls out a printed paper from his pocket. One day the boy goes to meet B. Never in his life had he felt so great yet nothing. After this, some light flashes on their faces; a policeman comes up to them, asking what they are doing.

B. Wordsworth by V. S. Naipaul: Summary & Analysis

But not a single copy has been sold till now. The kid does so.

After this Wordsworth asks the child if he likes his mother. The kid asks why he goes around like this and whether he is able to earn enough this way.

Slowly the answers become clear. After the kid has had enough mangoes, he returns home.teach boy lesson B. Wordsworth visit Naipaul and ask to watch bees in his backyard.

Wordsworth and Naipaul talk and he introduces himself as a poet. Naipaul and Wordsworth go back to me Wordsorths house to eat mangoes.

Wordsworth promises Naipaul the world's greatest poem He teaches Naipaul how to think like a poet through. Novelist V.S Naipaul raises this question in the story of B. Wordsworth, one of the stories in Miguel Street, a book of Trini characters. "Trinidadians are more recognizably 'characters' than people in England", said Naipaul in an August, piece in the Times Literary Supplement.

'B. Wordsworth' is a short story published in V. S. Naipaul's collection of short stories, Miguel Street. We are whisked away to a Trinidad town where the main characters, the narrator boy and the title character, B. Wordsworth himself, build a friendship.

''B. Wordsworth'' is a short story written by V.S. Naipaul.

Its main characters include a boy, the narrator, and B. Wordsworth. They have a whimsical relationship. B. Wordsworth is a poet, and the boy is intrigued by Wordsworth's sentiments about life.

By a poet’s tragedy, B Wordsworth refers to the tragedy of poets who have no buyers for their most beautiful poems even at the cost of four cents.

He felt it tragic owing to the mentality of the people who consider the creativity of a poet absurd and worthless. B Wordsworth – V S Naipaul. January 13, ; 0 Comments; Share.

Comments. ‘B. Wordsworth’ is a short story written by V.S. Naipaul in The narrator tells the story of his relationship with a poet named B.

Wordsworth when he (narrator) was a little boy. The story starts with the description of beggars visiting houses trying to earn some money or alms in the kind houses of Miguel street.

Summary of b wordsworth by v s naipaul
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