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Local climate is also affected by the topography: The Himalayas contain altogether about peaks of over 20, feet, of which 75 exceed 24, feet.

Bengal Duars and the Sikkim Darjeeling Himalayas – Essay

The three lifelines of India, river Indus in the west, the holiest of holy, river Ganga in the centre and Brahmaputra in the east flow from the Himalayas. Hence, much of the high altitude fauna of this area extends over the whole complex of mountain ranges and is typical of both the Oriental and Palaearctic regions.

Serow has black coat, large ears, white beard and a grayish mane. Tilicho Lake in Nepal in the Annapurna massif is one of the highest lakes in the world. Montane Grasslands and Shrublands: The region is said to have about lakes, some of which have now been completely or partially desiccated but remnants of these still remain in the form of Nainital and Bhimtal lakes.

The width of the Himalayas varies from km in Kashmir to km in Arunachal Pradesh. Thereafter it is joined by its Himalayan tributaries, the Jamuna which joins it at Allahabadthe Gogra, the Gandhaka and the Kosi and other tributaries like Chambal and Son. Vale of Kashmir lies in this region.

Secondly the Himalayas are high enough to shield the country against invasions from the north. The Chinese government denounced the agreement as illegal. It also forms a barrier for the monsoon winds, keeping them from traveling northwards, and causing heavy rainfall in the Terai region. Himalayas protect the country against the cold arctic wind blowing from Siberia through Central Asia.

Passes Through the Mountain Wall: Tea is the principal cash crop of the rolling plain adjacent to the Himalayas. The valley of Nepal, smaller in size, is accessible to the people of the Gangetic plains through a number of passes.

Tarns are found mostly in the upper reaches of the Himalaya, above 5, metres. Serving as a natural barrier for tens of thousands of years, the range prevented early interactions between the people of India and the people of China and Mongolia. This may probably be due to the maximum push offered by the Aravallis in the north-west and the Assam ranges in the north-east, when the peninsula drifted towards the north.

The Himalayas are not a single, continuous chain of mountains but a series of parallel or converging ranges. The rivers of the Himalayas drain into two large river systems: Two deer are characteristic of the Western Himalayan high alpine-zone viz. Like the preceding Yuan dynasty, the Manchus of the Qing dynasty exerted military and administrative control of the region, while granting it a degree of political autonomy.

The natural monsoon forest extends well into this region.The Indus itself forms the northern and western boundaries of the Himalayas. It begins in Tibet at the confluence of Sengge and Gar rivers and flows north-west through India into elephants and rhinoceros live in the lower elevations of the Himalayas, also called the Terai region.

Short essay on the Role of the Himalayas (India)

Also, found in these mountains are the Kashmiri stag, black. Bengal Duars is a plain area which sprawls at the foot hills of Himalayas consisting of district of Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri and Cooch Behar. Sikkim is a tiny mountainous state of India surrounded by Bhutan in east, Nepal in West, Tibet in the north and Darjeeling in South.

In Jalpaiguri district, the. himalayas Essay THE HIMALAYAS: SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT It is a mountain range in Asia separating the Indian sub-continent and the Tibetan plateau.

The Himalayas include over a hundred mountains exceeding 7, metres in height. Short essay on the Role of the Himalayas (India) The area west of the Aravali is covered by the Tharp desert, although a part of Rajasthan also lies in this region.

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The south-eastern portion of Rajasthan has been a comparatively fertile area since ancient times. originating fron\ the eastern part of the lake Mansarover in the Kailash.

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Mar 19,  · Essay on The Himalayas/The Mountains in Nepal. Nepal is a mountainous country. She is known as the land of the Himalayas.

The Himalayas have been one of the dominant features of India.

Himalayas Facts

They are the abode of snow. Consequently they have long been known as the Himavan, Himadri, Himachal or the Himalaya.

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They are the youngest and the highest folded mountains on earth, rising to over 8, metres from the sea level, which run in an [ ].

The region of the tibet himalayas essay
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