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It could be so. It is a vital source of information and helps to shape our lives in many ways. Advantages and Disadvantages of Television One of the favorite pastimes of children today is watching TV. I would initially like to link it with the reason that when TV was introduced, there was not many entertainment options and TV was the rarest and most precious among all modes of entertainment.

It presents both sight and sound. Most Indians spend their evenings glued to the television as this is the most easily available entertainment for them.

However, the television turns into a curse when it interferes with the normal routine of our day. Apparently I also believe that in no case TV can be called an idiot box though we need to ignore some of the opposite parts that we looked upon. Still there are many things that may not appear as smart and logical when being displayed on TV to some of the audiences, but TV has surely transformed to a smarter resource and is no longer an idiot box.

So in this manner it is too helpful for blind person.

Essay on Television (Idiot Box) | Advantages and Disadvantages

And in fact I would like to project the fact that in some cases not only as a source of media but in technology of Television also the changes have been made at a smarter edge. Yes, I will affirm that TV was actually an idiot box. We get to watch many cricket match that has a nail-biting finish.

People no longer accept any content that do not make any relevant sense. The Krushi education Campaign which educates farmers by the means of some training shows and information transmitted on TV is the best example of smartness that has been offered.

Now there are cable connections in most of the houses and with the advent of international channels on our television, the popularity of TV has grown many folds. Indeed it is no wonder that the number of TV channels keep soaring day by day, and every channel does its best to entice the viewer to watch programmes on that channel.

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This keeps them confined to the house and they often miss out on activities which are equally, if not more important, outside the four walls of the house. Hence, it educates us. Let it be in regional or in national language, TV still shows some content which is not up to the mark of the level of mind and intellectuality or the expectations of people.Tv An Idiot Box.

Television nicknamed by the Americans as 'idiot box'; is one of the most revolutionary inventions of the twentieth vast potentialities as a powerful medium of mass communication cannot be underestimated. It is, indeed, the last world in entertain­ment and enlightenment.

It can enlighten our illiterate and ignorant masses; it can widen their mental horizon and help. Television is also called as “Idiot Box”. Don’t be surprise by looking alternative name for TV as Idiot Box.

As we know this idiot box. Group discussion on TV is no longer an idiot box? It covers answers, conclusion and facts. Mar 20,  · Tv Idiot Box Essay Writer.

Television – An idiot box | My India 20 Mar Television – An idiot box: Here are some ways in which this idiot box can actually help you. Television: No Longer a Idiot Box | mad about moviez 4 Jan “I prefer TV writing to Features. TV also takes us nearer to the cultures of the world.

While entertaining us with soap operas, dances, plays, music, etc., it educates us about the lifestyles of the foreigners in those lands where these programmes are produced.

words sample essay on The Television (Free to read) Article shared by. “The Idiot box” It is so because the typical TV. Fans remain glued to it like an idiot. The term also endeavors to scoff at the boring pro­grammes which are sometimes presented.

The meteorological forecasts greatly help the farmers and the fishermen. The.

Tv idiot box essay help
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