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Whatever is gathered is reported without giving any thing by way of either explanation or any suggestion. Generally such reports are of routine nature.

A return on compensation paid to factory workers during a period by a factory has to be submitted to competent authorities periodically.

Indian oil company might have asked its research division to find some substitute for petrol, and if such a study is conducted then a report shall be submitted by the research division detailing its findings and then offering their own suggestions, including the conclusions at which the division has arrived at as to whether such a substitute is these and if it is there can the same be put to use with advantage and effectively.

Generally business reports are categorized into two ways. Ordinary or Routine Report Ordinary reports are prepared and presented before the managing director at specific intervals or to the next authorized person in the business routine.

The reports shall be submitted either daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually. These reports are generally prepared in the prescribed form as the rules have prescribed. In certain cases the reader may just skim through it, or read the abstract or the conclusions or recommendations only.

A company chairman may ask for a report on falling trends in sale in a particular area. Generally, it takes the form of a person to person communication.

The material and methods This similar to the procedure but this is usually used in scientific or engineering report writing. A company registrar asking for allotment return within the stipulate period is nothing but informational routine, falling under statutory but routine report.

Generally forms are prescribed for preparation and submission of such reports. This type of report is prepared for sending to the press or to shareholders of the company or members of the institution.

Formal Report Formal report is prepared in a prescribed format and presented before the competent authority in an established procedure. Fact Finding Report A machine may be breakdown in the factory premises. They are informative and interpretative. They are ordinary or routine reports and special reports.

Reports on the basis of Nature of the Subject dealt with The following reports are included in the report which are classified on the basis of the nature of the subject dealt with.

This usually contains a description on how you carried out your research or the methods you use to gather the information.

Different Types of Reports Used in Business

Reports of Committees or Subcommittees Committees or Subcommittees are formed by the top management to prepare the report on any one of the issue. They are oral and written. Whenever a company is going to introduce mechanical process instead of manual process, the level of technology required assessed.REPORT DISCLOSES UNKNOWN INFORMATION Reports provide information, which may not be known previously.

The committee members collect data, draw conclusions and provide information which will be new to all concerned parties. Even new business opportunities are visible through unknown information available in the reports.

For now, let’s focus on the different types of reports. The most common types include Periodic reports – communicate the activities of an ongoing operation at equal and regular intervals. For example, someone might write a quarterly sales report at a retail store.

Trip and conference reports – communicate experiences, details, and knowledge gained. A business report contains business related information the assists the management to make better business decisions.

A common business report follows the same format. The executive summary or a brief overview of the business report.

The introduction of the business report. The contents of the business report. The findings from a research.

Types of Business Reports in Business Communication The business reports are classified on many basis. Such types of business reports are briefly explained. Reports on the basis of Importance or Frequency The reports are classified into two types. They are ordinary or routine reports and special reports.

1. Ordinary or Routine Report Ordinary reports. 16+ Sample Business Reports – PDF, Word File Format. PDF; Size: 26 KB Download. Formal Business Report Example. it is essential to know and familiarize the types of business reports that you will be dealing with as well as which one would particularly fit with regards to the specific report that you are making.

Types of business reports in business communication

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Types of business reports pdf file
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