Writing actionscript 3.0 flash cards

By the end of this tutorial, you should be able to load the external text into the Flash movie. I did it here with booleans. Included in the ActionScript language are several classes devoted to creating animation and allowing Flash developers to create simple or complex motion effects without tracing their work across the Flash timeline.

Rotating the Car function onEnterFrameFunction event: On every frame so in our case 50 times a second it performs the function onEnterFrameFunction. You will see that the document contains some artwork a sun drawing and 2 buttons these buttons will be used to scroll the text up and down.

So the next thing we need to do is to get the text data and then display it in the TextField. Lock the actions layer. This, in turn, makes for a robust Flash programming environment and increases the functionality of Flash animations.

We have no immediate recommendation on Flash development however 17 Designs does offer a useful alternative — the jQuery Slider. Moving the Car in the Y Direction Instead of going through and explaining it, here is a table describing how the car should move in the y direction based on its rotation.

Coding the Up Button This is where all the majic happens.

Introducing ActionScript

Under ordinary configuration it should be noted that Flash animation will not render on an Apple iPhone or iPad however Flash appears to work fine on an Android Smartphone provided the correct app is installed.

Once loaded, the text contained inside the external text file can be found in the URLLoader object that was used to load the external text file.

And in succeeding articles, you will also learn how to format the text using a TextFormat object, and how to add text scrolling functionality.

Create two more keyframes after the current one. A sample jQuery Slider appears on our Web Design page. And once I get the text data, how do I assign it to the TextField? Whenever a key is being held down, its boolean will be true. Remember that when any key is pressed the keyPressed function is called.

When a key is released it checks to see if it is one of the four keys. I originally wrote this program in ActionScript 2. If the key is one of them, it sets the boolean of that key to true. Change the FPS to 50, the width to px and the height to px. So you must place the text assignment statement inside the Event.

So this means that the Event.Using the ActionScriptthe _____ class along with the _____ function will let the user jump from a button or movie clip symbol to another Web site or open another file.

Definition URLRequest. -ActionScript Object-Oriented Programming Concepts but the most common variables within Flash CS6 are Numbers and Strings. ActionScript: Functions -double-clicking the action you want will either write the code or give you more guidance as to how to make that action work.

Open up a new Flash ActionScript document, go to the Properties window (if it's not open go to Window > Properties) and click edit. Change the FPS to 50, the width to px and the height to px.

Programming in ActionScript The future of ActionScript programming and Flash in general is uncertain. With the increasing popularity of mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets, Flash development and ActionScript.

A Flash document can include links in the form of buttons or movie clips with ActionScript code, which directs Flash to open the specified Web site.

Building a Simple Driving Game with ActionScript 0

(T or F) Definition. Loading External Text Files In Flash ActionScript Work Files: killarney10mile.com killarney10mile.com Let's now begin writing the code.

Let's first create the TextField, add it to the display list and set some of it's properties.


social security numbers, bank account numbers or credit card numbers.

Writing actionscript 3.0 flash cards
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